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Unpacking the Significance of Wellbeing with Derek Bell

April 21, 2022

In this episode, Marissa connects with Derek Bell, the Director of Well-being & Joy of Practice for the Ascension Nursing Center of Excellence. Derek’s leadership exemplifies a belief in the significance of wellbeing and he describes the values, beliefs, and actions that form the compassionate approach to wellbeing at Ascension – which uniquely centers on joy. This interview covers a lot of ground – touching on the why and how this joy-centered strategy was developed, discussing the very real hardships and challenges facing healthcare professionals and the workforce as a whole, and exploring the antidotes to these challenges such as connection, aspiration, holistic growth, and psychological safety.

About Derek - With over 20 years of experience in the field, Derek aims to make Ascension the best place to practice nursing by transforming how people take care of themselves and others through creativity, contribution, care, connection, and amplifying the voice of the nurse. Derek leads nursing podcasts for Good Day Ascension as well as through his own "Highway to Well," series. And you may recognize him from his work with other wellness leaders in promoting joy, purpose, and well-being. Derek obtained his bachelor's degree from Knox College and his Master's from the University of Wisconsin -Stevens Point, where he also teaches "Organizational Well-being and Your Purpose," in the MBA program. 

Listen in as we unpack the significance of employee wellbeing.

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