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Exemplifying a Strong Belief in Valuing Your People with Nikki Capelle of Woodman’s Food Markets

June 16, 2022

In this episode, Katie interviews Nikki Capelle, Wellness Coordinator at Woodman’s Food Markets. Nikki has been part of the employee-owned Woodman’s Food Markets for 24 years and worked in many different areas. Her various positions and extensive time spent at Woodman’s positions her to best understand the needs and experiences of those who work at Woodman’s. Since 2015, in her role as the Wellness Coordinator, Nikki works directly with senior leaders and the wellness champion network to plan and implement strategies to improve and maintain the overall wellbeing of Woodman’s team members, their families, and customers. Nikki sets the tone for wellbeing at Woodman’s by believing in the significance of wellbeing as simply the right thing to do. And she embraces wellbeing as just who they are at Woodman’s. This interview digs in to the tangible wellbeing work and impact such as their Be Well Cares initiative, their WOW Fundamentals, and their team of collaborators and wellness champions that sustain wellbeing across their diverse and unique retail locations. 

Nikki is a passionate and curious wellness professional that hopes to inspire others to live their best lives. She loves to learn and share, teach and guide, connect and laugh. Nikki was a participant of WCWI’s first TECH Training program back in 2019! She exemplifies the strengths, skills, and growth mindset of leading from right where you are, calling on your bravery, and encouraging us all to focus wellbeing around understanding the needs and valuing your people. Listen in to this inspiring and actionable conversation with Nikki.

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